Finally. The time has come for you to leave your problems behind, escape the real world and enjoy the wonders of travel. Having the chance to go to places you have never seen before, trying new food, meeting new people, trying new activities among many others are some of the life-changing perks of traveling. However, traveling involves luggage and luggage comes with its own set of struggles that a lot of us can relate to. Today I get to tell you about how you can deal with a few of these classic luggage problems.

#1: Lost or broken luggage

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Anxiously watching as all bags go through the luggage conveyor belt, waiting to see your suitcases and hoping they will be there and that they will be okay -especially on the way back with all your souvenirs inside- is one of the most stressful moments when traveling. 

There are some things you can do to ease your anxiety and reduce the risk of lost or broken luggage on your next trip. 

  • Luggage Tags: Make it a priority to add an ID tag to your luggage and make sure it is something that will not get damaged easily. You can also choose one with a color pattern that will make identifying your bag simpler. Remember to double check that your information is correct. 
  • Don’t overpack: Broken zippers or damage due to overpacking will reduce your chances of getting a refund. If your bag does get broken because of this, you can always use duct tape for a quick fix. 
  • Valuables: Avoid packing valuables like cash or jewelry in checked baggage.
  • Shipping: You could also consider self-storage or shipping services that will get your things delivered to your final destination with no struggle and have other advantages like tracking, not carrying your things around and no baggage claim. 
  • Take a picture: Pictures will help you remember, have evidence, and make it easier for the airline to identify your bag if  it does go missing.

#2: Packing too much

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Your bags are not a storage facility so don’t pack up your entire house. Sitting on top of your suitcase to get it to close, moving things around last minute to get below the weight limit or diving your stuff into many pieces of luggage are not solutions for overpacking either. Traveling is very exciting but thinking of the million possibilities of what you might need for very specific situations will not help you pack lighter. 

Packing too much is one of the biggest mistakes people make when traveling so try to keep these tips in mind to avoid it:

  • Toiletries: Don’t bring a huge bottle of shampoo or conditioner, try to go small on your toiletries and bring only the essentials, remember a lot of hotels provide some of these things free of charge.  
  • Think about your destination: You can check the weather to avoid carrying items you won’t use and so you can take season appropriate clothing only. 
  • Plan: Planning your outfits to avoid packing your entire closet can be very helpful. For example, you can take shoes that you can pair with lots of outfits.
  • Souvenirs: Consider the space you will need in your suitcase for your souvenirs when you get back.

#3: Something spills 

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My worst nightmare. Opening my bags just to see my favorite clothes covered in an expensive lotion. Not packing your liquid items in plastic bags can result in chaos and a lot of ruined clothes. It is a simple quick solution that will help you avoid spending all day looking for laundry services close by or hours in the hotel bathroom cleaning all your clothes by hand. 

Something that could also help in a situation like this is adding your favorite travel-size stain remover to your toiletries.   

#4: Airport Security

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Here are some things you can do to go through the airport security with all your belongings and avoid having to go back and forth to find a way to put your favorite perfume bottle in your checked-in bag or having to pay for extra checked luggage because yours was too big for a carry-on.

  • Limits: Check for any limits on the size, weight, number of carry-on bags or gear your airline allows.
  • Check twice: Double check how many ounces are in each of the bottles you carry, they may look small, but it is always better to be sure they are within the limits.
  • Gifts: If you are carrying any presents it is best to bring them in gift bags in case the officers have to inspect them. This way you can save your beautiful wrapping from being destroyed. 
  • Prohibited Items: Some items may be forbidden in the country you will visit so make sure to check ahead and avoid trouble. 

The best solution for most travel problems is planning. Think ahead of time and try to be prepared for what is ahead in your journey and how you could make things easier for you. Always remember that traveling is an amazing experience and planning for it can also be very exciting and rewarding. 


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