Are you tired of the constant battle with clutter in your home? Is your garage overflowing with sports equipment, seasonal clothing, and other items that you rarely use? If so, it's time to discover the revolutionary storage solution that will change the way you think about storage – Rocket Closet.

Rocket Closet is a game-changer in the world of storage, offering a hassle-free, hands-free storage experience that will transform the way you manage your belongings. With convenient pick-up and delivery services, secure storage facilities, and an easy-to-use app, Rocket Closet is the answer to all your storage needs.

How Rocket Closet Works

At Rocket Closet, we understand that convenience is key when it comes to storage. That's why we've designed a simple and efficient process to make storing and retrieving your belongings a breeze.

1. Sign Up and Schedule Your Pickup

Getting started with Rocket Closet is easy. Simply visit our website at and sign up for an account. Once you're registered, you can schedule your pickup at a time that suits you. Whether you're in Colorado or Utah, our base locations are strategically situated in some of the best ski destinations in the world, making it convenient for you to access our services.

2. Local Service

If you're located within 50 miles of one of our base locations, our valet pick-up and delivery service will come directly to your doorstep. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to declutter your space and regain control over your life. Your Rocket Closet membership includes two pickups and drop-offs annually, giving you the flexibility you need.

3. National Service

Even if you're located outside of our local service areas, Rocket Closet has you covered. We can still store and ship your equipment to you whenever and wherever you need it. Thanks to our partnership with FedEx, we can offer you the best rates for out-of-state shipping. Plus, when we send your gear, we'll also provide a return shipping label for your convenience.

4. Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage

Your precious belongings deserve the best care, and that's exactly what Rocket Closet provides. We store your items securely in climate-controlled storage facilities to ensure they remain in pristine condition until you're ready for your next adventure. Whether it's skis, snowboards, winter clothes, or any other items taking up unnecessary space in your home, Rocket Closet can accommodate all your storage needs.

5. Convenient Mobile App

Managing your stored items is a breeze with our mobile app and website. Schedule your desired delivery with just a few taps, and your gear will meet you at your next destination, ready for action. Say goodbye to the hassle of oversized luggage and baggage claim – Rocket Closet allows you to enjoy hands-free travel.

6. Hassle-Free Returns

After your trip, we'll return to pick up your gear, so you can travel lighter and without worry. Your gear is stored safely and securely, guaranteed. Plus, our mobile app offers an online photo catalog of your items, making it easy to keep track of your stored belongings.

Rocket Closet isn't just for winter gear; it's a versatile storage solution that can accommodate all your storage needs. Whether it's your kids' bikes, seasonal clothing, or sports equipment, we've got you covered. So, don't let clutter control your life any longer. Enjoy the freedom to live without the burden of excess belongings. Sign up today at Rocket Closet and take the first step toward a more organized and stress-free living space.